About us

It's not difficult to find the right tradesman for your job. That is why Homedeal brings customers and tradesmen together. Homedeal is part of Skydreams and is based in Utrecht. Here there is an enthusiastic team constantly working on the success and development of the platform.

How does Homedeal work?

At Homedeal it's possible to easily send quote requests to up to 4 different tradesmen. How it works? Read about it below.

Step 1: Describe the project

Tell us what you're looking for. What are your wishes for the project?

Step 2: Compare tradesmen

Easily contact different tradesmen and compare the quotations that you receive.

Step 3: Choose the tradesman

The chosen tradesman will get started on the project, congratulations!

Step 4: Enjoy the result

Reviews share your experience with the tradesman. That way, other customers are helped when making their choice.

What are the benefits of Homedeal?

With 169 different trade categories, Homedeal is the website where customers and tradesmen get in touch with each other.

  • 350.000 jobs placed per year
  • Over 2.000 affiliated tradesmen
  • More than 1 million executed projects